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Absorb & Breathe Package

Our remedy to some of life’s most challenging difficulties, this package is well suited to those experiencing great emotional and/or physical pain. It includes a customised facial and massage, designed to support you energetically and physically. The treatment room becomes a safe space for you to begin to process.

 The treatment encompasses five main focus points for whole-body healing:

 Breathe: respiratory system

A focus on slowing the breath, can instil calm.

 Absorb: integumentary system

Massaging the body, the skin, can help to work magic on you.

 Detox: lymphatic system

Activating and stimulating this pathway can support the body's natural toxin elimination processes.

Protect: immune system

Our treatments can help

 Heal: nervous system

Head to toe massage stimulates and soothes the body's control centre and communication network.