Sculpt & Define Lymphatic 90mins

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The Sculpt & Define Lymphatic Facial uses lymphatic massage techniques & tools to contour the face and neck. The treatment begins with your therapist choosing between 4 exfoliants of varying strengths and three peels (from gentle papaya or pineapple enzyme peels to a more concentrated AHA peel), plus a selection of facial serums & masks. (Note: Our thermal moulding mask is recommended if tolerated.) Once the muscles are warm, a range of personalised lymphatic movements is used to lift, define and contour.

From there, your therapist will curate a few healing techniques, just for you, from this line up:

Gua sha tools: These ancient tools and techniques can be incredibly shifting. The ultimate in the manipulation of energy points along the face for enhanced lymphatic drainage, gua sha is the Cadillac of non-surgical treatments for refined contours.

Cryotherapy tools: A go-to for addressing inflammation, puffiness and redness, chilled tools specially made for facial contours are glided along the skin in gentle, fluid motions to soothe and sculpt.

Jaw work: These adjustments involve working on muscles from the inside of the mouth and outside of the face to relax the super-tense muscles that play a part in teeth grinding and a tight, sore jaw.

Facial cupping: An age-old practice, it involves using suction cups to gently relieve muscle tension, stimulate the lymphatic system without stretching or marking the skin.

Sinus and ear work: For those living with blocked sinuses and/or ears, these methods focus on targeting relevant pressure points and movements in alignment with flowing finger movements.

Steamed facial poultice: In this timeworn technique, a warm herbal compress is rhythmically rolled and kneaded along the face, neck and décolletage to relieve cheek and jaw tension and contour. 

Contraindications include; cancer, remission of cancer (you will need authorisation from your doctor), heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and a history of blood clots.  We may request a doctors approval for any of these concerns in past or present.  No botox fillers injectables 8 weeks prior to this facial.