Collection: +Skin breaking out, living in Australia

Using organic ingredients benefit at each and every level, helping the earth, the people working on the land, the animals and the insects.  

directions for evening remove any eye make-up with eye & lip serum then remove with warm wet cotton pads, repeat if necessary, cleanse your skin with straight-edge milky cleanse, gently massage small circles on your face & neck, then remove with a wet warm flannel.  spray tea tree spray/spot formula to wet cotton pads and wipe over the affected area only then apply a small amount straight edge serum and wait for 10mins, after that apply straight-edge moisturiser

directions for morning apply one pump of this milky cleanser, gently massage  the face &neck with fingertips using small circles, then remove with wet cool-warm flannel, apply tea tree spray/spot formula to a wet cotton pad and apply to the affected area only, then straight edge facial serum & wait 10mins before apply straight edge moisturiser then makeup &/or sunblock

mask for blackheads, pimples, apply black pelan mud on the affected area only, apply only to pimples, blackheads, open pores only and leave on for 10mins,  then remove with a warm wet flannel, you can use this every 2nd or 3rd day, but only the affected area (avoid eye area)

test patch each product on a small area of skin, one per day, prior to use, wait 24 hours to ensure this product is suitable for you, if any concerns, discontinue use if irritation occurs.

do not ingest ingredients or products.  do not leave products in sun or humid areas  - keep in a cool dark place, keep out of reach of children.  keep away from flames or combustibles.

If you would like some help please contact me & I can help you 0400825237 & send me photos of your concern please Jeannie