In Residence Collaborations


The scale, the vastness, the impressiveness and wholehearted luxury of Venustus, makes it perfect to create unforgettable experiences.

We partner with brands to elevate activations through the integration of our renowned Venustus designed Facials, Massages, Bodywork and Packages. Our space caters to a unique and sacred experience within four-metre high, egg-shaped treatment pods, of which we have four.

Our 'In Residence' collaborative approach allows brands to invite valued guests for restorative treatments. Please note we choose to service 1 guest per treatment pod. We believe we need to provide not only an elevated environment, but also a safe, contained and private space for our unique offerings.

Collaborations invite your brand to align with Venustus and work with our founder, Jeannie, to create an elevated and immersive experience. Whether developing one-of-a-kind treatment, ceremony or ritual, your brand will be carefully considered. We pride ourselves on creating unique, curated journeys that honour the intricacies of your brand.


If you’d like to explore an in residence collaboration with Venustus. Please complete the form below

About Our Space

The Foundations

Existing as an expression of the healing powers in the fifth dimension, sitting beneath our building is a sacred grid of crystals buried into the Earth. The opportunity for healing begins the moment your client’s feet touch the floor.

When we built our space, we worked energetically up from the ground choosing the most ancient material of all — metal — for our 5,000 kilogram and over three-metre high staircase. It works as a direct portal to the sun, the moon and the water catchment sitting directly above the space.

The sandstock clay bricks we salvaged during construction now sit proudly as our feature wall. We see this wall as an ode to Paddington’s history and recognition of the labour it took to build this town we are privileged to serve. We respect and honour the labour and the service of those who came before us.

The Access

The moment your guests arrive, we want them to be transported. Minimal administration, ideally. We are preparing for your guests hours and sometimes days before they arrive and we can offer a simple digital roadmap to ensure the most incredible, heightening, ‘in real life’ experience.

If there is anything we need to know, they’ll tell us. Otherwise, we let the magic happen. We let these trained aestheticians do their best work.

Our Materiality

Our intention is for the parasympathetic nervous system to be relieved the moment your client or guest enters from their outside world. This is why an unusual but method-based mix of glass, precious metal and natural fibres are interlaid in our pods.

It’s how we design personalised treatment menus for you, too. A magic alchemy response to the collective need for nourishment and rest. This is also the reason we look deliberately different from other beauty and body spaces. Our shelf space is deliberately refined to ensure every part of a guest’s cognitive remains rested, not agitated.

Reclaimed sandstone found on our ‘Farmacy’ rooftop is facing with cashmeres, linens and state of the art temperate control for the ultimate tactile environment. The duplicity is calming and familiar, but also spatially so sound and from a design perspective, it delivers a distraction free environment so guests can receive the maximum value while inside our space.

Treatment Pods

We believe we need to provide not only an elevated environment, but also a super safe, contained and private environment. One that you can lean into and feel held, and one that we feel we need to give you everything we feel is needed.

When a guest is in their pod, they really are in the most sacred, loving and secure of spaces, wrapped in a cone of ancient metal. It’s the exquisiteness you expect from Venustus but with the reductive design skills that honour the sun and the moon as our starting points.

About Our Team

We invest in people — both our elite artisans and our clients. It’s a merging of our goal to be our best and serve those to be their best. We aim to deliver treatments for what is needed now energetically and what clients are feeling, through highly trained years of experience.

Venustus is not simply a beautiful space; it is an experience, and the brands we invite to share it with will have a collaborative approach to their activations. Jeannie is committed to ensuring that every partnership reflects our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and care.