+35 dehydration, lines, elasticity skincare

all the tips you will need for skins +35 & more...

cleansing/exfoliating, stimulate the cell renewal rate, skin acting younger than it is  *om facial exfoliant +35s' the cell renewal rate slows down dramatically, using every night to remove sunblock, makeup 

*om facial mist, 17 essential oils for saturating surface cells, water hydration 

*om facial serum an investment as these can penetrate deeper, spirit leveller *essential elements facial serum plumping surface cells, best description is it's (puff) like an air bag, a thicker serum for dry dehydrated skins, sun beach lovers *honour facial serum dry, dehydrated, sensitive, ageing, weakness is a concern *rose elixir facial serum ultimate luxurious facial serum containing organic Bulgarian rose essential oil - the most expensive of all for ageing, dryness sensitive *antidote roll on wrinkles (jet-set, inflight, travel size)  targeting lines for results *cellular regeneration facial serum revitalising dull, lifeless skin for 50+++

wait 20mins before applying your moisturiser (for maximum absorption) *romance masking for pre-party plumping after exfoliating/over overnight when exhausted

*rose elixir facial moisturiser (targeting lines, sensitivity & dryness)

*antidote facial moisturiser (travel & targeting lines)