+35 Australian skins & the concerns

Venustus private skincare label used during our facials & at home skincare

We consider the skin visual, the energy, mind  spirit. the body, using Organic, Australian owned, Australian made, Choose cruelty free Aromatherapy products.  It is the way we like to work, considering the skin and the beautiful person within

35+ skin, living in Australia, without breakouts or sensitivity....  end of day as soon as you arrive home, remove make-up & sunblock - a solid balm exfoliant, with super fine pumice granules, smaller that the size of your follicle (pore), softened in a base of shea butter, bees wax, carrier oils & essential oils, (this is solid & warmed in hands) massage with your fingertips for 2 minutes, then removing with warm towels (can take 5 years off simply, by this first step).    

The next step is key, misting the skin, to surface water hydrate the epidermal layer of the skin, this allows the richer serums to penetrate deeper.    Application of your facial serum, is all about the massage, working it into the skin with love, care & fingertips  (lymphatic & lifting movements) +  a separate eye serum is required, applied with your ring fingers, starting between eyes & out to temples  & then lightly, piano movements under the eyes to stimulate circulation in this delicate area.  Dark circles & puffy eyes will benefit by using a  jade roller straight from the fridge.  Using the smaller end of a dual head jade roller from the centre of the face out under the eye to the temple (no pressure, just glide)  then above the eyelid, just below eyebrows, centre to the sides, (video in insta highlights & insta tv)  time for a shower/bath & dinner  *Just before bed,  mix moisturiser & balm together & apply to the face, neck & dec with a patting technique pressing this into the skin  *Don't be afraid to switch your serums, seasonally, both eye & facial serums, to give your skin a boost, often in winter & summer, but whenever you feel your skin needs a change