Venustus turns 30, as we pause to reflect, nostalgic about the past, these memories comfort us,remembering where we came from, the former versions of ourselves

tahiti perfume was our first perfume memory, although not completely organic, it was/is partly fragrance, partly certified organic essential oils

our second decade our summer perfume containing certified organic essential oils (spearmint & vanilla) was a big part of this decade. Wrapped up in Venustus, over time we came to respect & reviere earth, mother earth Our aroma story of plants, flowers, roots & trees, the carriers of energy, the carrier of light.  wise, connectors, underground, authentically growing

our third decade, rose grandiflorum perfume other worldly imagination, belief in women, belief in our future, acknowledging every physical soul in our space, giving thanks to the guardians of the land, of all lands, thanking the elders of the past, present & future