Collection: perfumes

Venustus Perfumes are a homage to ceremonies and sacred occasions that came before us. A portal into our limbic brain, the part of our intelligence that stores the memories carved out by aromas. 


When we wear a Venustus Perfume, we are given a gateway into our lineage and the moments we shared with the people we love the most. 


We believe in organic aromas that land us in our memories and our inner knowing — two things that don’t need to be present always but when we need to call on them, they arrive to us in a potent moment. 


Just like Mother Earth designed our flowers and plants to gift a scent when inhaled, Venustus Perfumes follow this divine guidance. The quality is not in the foreverness but the attunement we are offered on application.


We suggest wearing our organic, essential oil Perfumes under your clothes to avoid direct contact with the sun. They are also lovely in the hair. 


Chakra Perfumes

Our chakras are the energy centers in our body and when open or balanced, support us to live a softer, more fulfilling, easeful and joyful life. 


The stresses and pressures that govern our awareness, thoughts and actions in the third dimension can cause our chakras to become blocked or unbalanced. We know we have a blockage or imbalance if we are experiencing pain, contraction or stagnation in one, some or all of the seven primary chakras — crown, throat, third eye, heart, solar plexus, sacral & base.


Venustus’ new Chakra Perfume collection exists to attune us into fifth dimensional healing, relating and being. Each aroma acts as a portal into the realm of angels, guides and the divinity, eternity.


Test patch on a small area of skin in store, before you purchase, before use and wait 24 hours to ensure the organic flower and plant extracts are suitable for you. Please also keep away from flames and combustibles, store in a cool, dark place.