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third eye chakra perfume

third eye chakra perfume

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Third Eye Chakra 

You are the expert on you and when your third eye chakra is open, this becomes the lens through which you live, love, relate and create. 

A potent aroma for creatives, artists or anyone wanting to trust the intuitive downloads they are receiving and their innate capability to take intentional action on all that they are channeling. 

Feminine in nature and earthy in scent, our Third Eye Chakra Perfume is a simple yet powerful blend of Frankincense and Sandalwood.

contra indications - not for pregnancy


Organic Ethanol undenatured, Water Demineralised (Pure Deionised water), Frankincense Essential Oil Organic (Boswellia rivae) Ethiopia. Sandalwood Essential Oil Organic (Santalum spicatum) Australia.
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