COVID Practices

Clients enter with mask on and checked in via Service NSW QR Code at front, please take a seat, remove your shoes and leave these on our white towel in front of the seat,  before moving around within the space. We require records of attendance on the business premises for all staff, clients and contractors as per COVID-Safe Regulations. 

A digital consultation form will be sent out to you via text or email, please fill in prior to your treatment.  Also, closer to the date of your appointment, a Covid health agreement will be sent out, by text, to be completed prior to every treatment booked during this time.

If you have any symptoms as per NSW Health Website, you need to go and get a test, even if you have the mildest symptoms.  We will of course move you a fortnight/month ahead, as we cannot adequately socially distance during treatment.

Due to Covid-safe planning we are limited to the amount of people in the space All vouchers have a 3 year expiry date, contact me, even if your voucher is expired, please contact me so I can help you

During covid we are temporarily unable to offer the following treatments:-

  • Four Hand Body Massage,
  • Personalised Six Hand Massage, or
  • Two Staff High Definition Bodywork