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From Sculpt & Define Lymphatic Facial to Osaka To Sydney Facial Treatment, our Japanese Lifting & muscle release + reiki.  From Curate your own facial step-by-step, to S.L.O.W. 2hr Facial Treatment, carefully curated with an in-depth focus on facial massage (this element comprises 60 of the total 120 minutes)

As elite trained artisans, in Beauty Therapies, Massage Therapies & Healing Techniques, we have been honing our facial techniques and skills for decades. We are best known for our Facial lifting techniques and Healing Energy

We invest in our people - both our elite artisans and our clients.  It's a merging of our goal to be our best and serve those to be their best.  We aim to deliver treatments for what is needed now, through highly trained years of experience.

Facials an hour or longer, include cleansing, Facial Brush Machine & Steamer Vapour, selecting one of 4 exfoliants, followed by a selection one of 3 peels, warm-hot towels, a specific facial massage & our incredible hot & heavy mask (in salon only).  Venustus skincare use organic certified ingredients in our cleansers, exfoliants, facial serums, facial balms, moisturisers & masks. 

Aromatherapy is where each ingredient has been grown in the ground, allowing us to harness the power and energy of nature in our treatments.

We always recommend trialling a new treatment at least 1-2 months prior to your wedding/special event. Post-treatment, we then encourage you to observe how your skin looks and feels over the following days so you can determine when you feel your skin looks its best.   In doing so, we can then work with this time-frame and match up your booking accordingly.


Please note:   
All clients, all bookings, are required to fill in our latest Pre-Treatment Form, prior to their treatment, prior to arrival, to maximise your treatment time with us.  We may request authorisation from your doctor for certain treatments. Your wellbeing is our primary concern.  Dressing and undressing are included in the treatment time.