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333 Venustus Facial Treatment, 60mins

333 Venustus Facial Treatment, 60mins

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333, including our signature Venustus Facial Treatment, adding Chakra work, Crystal Healing, anoint symbols & Angel energy, including cleansing, Facial Brush Machine & Steamer Vapour, selecting one of 4 exfoliants, followed by a selection one of 3 peels, warm-hot towels, a specific facial massage & our incredible hot & heavy mask (in salon only).

333 your lifes' higher purpose

333 angel energy assists you in your lifes' higher purpose.  Your angels are ever present and working with you to support you on your journey, helping make these dreams manifest.  you can make an impact on your tribe and space. Request what you would truly like, then let the universe find a way, you are not alone.

Vision, clarity

Opening space bringing in angels 333 energy with our words.  Anointing & activating third eye with symbols, wrapping this area with our imprinted cloth & placing Amethyst purple crystal over the area.  Chanting rams out loud/silently or playing our favourite chanting/frequency playlist, followed by a scalp/head massage.  Facial.  Closing the angel 333 energy space

The Third-Eye Chakra, also called the Ajna Chakra, is one of 7 chakras. It is the center of perception, consciousness and intuition.

closing the space

333    Life higher purpose   Your dreams will come true   Third eye   purple 


The third energy center of the body is the Manipura Chakra or the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is one of 7 chakras. The position of the Solar Plexus Chakra is best described as four fingerbreadths above the navel. This chakra is where your power and self-confidence manifests

  • I trust my intuition
  • I am a wise being
  • I am connected to the universe
  • I am present in my life
  • I am the source of my own truth
  • My third eye is all-seeing
  • I am open to new experiences
  • I trust the decisions I make are in my best self-interest


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