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Using organic ingredients benefit at each and every level, helping the earth, the people working on the land, the animals and the insects. 

test patch each product on a small area of skin, one per day, prior to use, wait 24 hours to ensure this product is suitable for you

with organic aroma ingredients less is best because these are extractions, so a little goes a long way, ensure you read all contra-indications here before buying for loved ones or yourself

body products use - before leaving the shower, apply your body serum on a wet skin, alternatively if your body serum is relaxing you can use the body serum in your bath.

god bless , ideal to use an hour before bed by pull back sheets, spray your sheets, pillows, pull back the sheets, have a relaxing bath/shower then into bed

god bless ointment, can be applied, by massaging small amount into the temple area, under the nose, before bed.

cold & flu salve can be applied under the nose, sides of throat, upper chest, avoiding sensitive/broken skin

do & don't

keep out of reach of children, do not ingest, keep away from open flames & fires, keep away from children & pets, store all products out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dark place, read all contra indications