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The Lymphatic Collection

Six Hand Massage

Three elite artisans, who have mastered their craft & skills over decades, massage you in perfect sync, choreographed by jeannie. 

 There is nothing like this in the country, in the world.

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Vensutus atelier

An elite group of artisans, who have been crafting their skills here with me for decades. Collaborating with like-minded international experts & innovators, living on the cutting edge of the craft. Unique in that each therapist is multi-certified in Beauty Therapies, Massage Therapies & Healing Techniques.

In this extraordinary life, we focus on the light, the magic makers, the healing, the big important life work, the journey of ethics, integrity, moral code, love, kindness & courage.

Each morning we open the space with a smudging ceremony of sage, palo santo & incense. We open our space by honouring our spirit animals & our spirit guides. Calling in all the magic makers, the white witches, the healers, the light workers & the high priestesses, to help in the healing that will take place for you today.

A knowing that each person, each energy will require something unique., our inspiration comes from the same place, a place of kindness and caring. A new mindset is emerging, conscious deceleration, we can re-learn to listen to our heart, to listen to our body, stop, rest and quieten the mind.  

Using certified organic ingredients in all Venustus experiences, these ingredients grown in the ground, in the earth, harnessing the power and energy of nature, to elevate the treatment & the person.

We select healing from our curated wish list & open the space, close the space & most importantly hold the space for you.  

Next time you visit Venustus, I recommend for you to book one of our latest treatments.  It is great to try our newest offerings, as you will be experiencing the evolution of our skills and training.

Designing and Choreographing each & every treatment is a complete passion for me and my absolute favourite part of the work. It is incredible to take a team to an interntaional level. My dream was & is always, to make them better than they dreamed they could be & they are. I am constantly training, designing, choreographing, critiquing the work above & beyond the expectation of the team & you…

The Venustus Experience

  • When it comes to birthdays or presents to spoil someone I love I always go for a Venustus intuitive massage gift voucher, I want the recipient to feel how loved they are and the venustus team takes so much care and genuinely treats each person with so much respect that they come out feeling so appreciated and that’s what you truly want from a gift. For birthdays, baby shower gifts or just an I love you present, it should be your go to xx

  • There is nothing quite like a Venustus treatment which starts from the moment you walk in the door. I love the four handed massage as it sends me deep into a pleasure coma and has the power to release years of pent up tension. Love!

  • "I discovered Venutus over 11 years ago, I actually came in for an eyebrow wax which then turned it to me booking a facial treatment that then turned into a massage. Venustus has become part of my well-being. Each treatment I have is of a world class standard and there is nothing that comes close. I have recommend so many friends and colleagues to visits and they all agree Venustus is magic. "

  • There are certain places in this world that make you feel like your soul is coming home… Venustus is one of those magical places. The energy that Jeannie and her team have created instantly makes you feel warm, loved, cared for and safe, having the privilege of visiting Venustus now a couple times i feel confident saying that very few things compare - and that’s all before the treatments actually start (which, by the way, are totally beyond words) Thank you Jeannie for everything you do. CW x

  • Venustus is quite simply life changing (yes really) and not just the treatments which asre amazing and other worldly but Jeannie her self is magic, her connection and wisdom in all of the realms shines through and her clarity, communication and insights are spot on.

  • Venustus and Jeannie hold such a special place in my heart . The Venustus experience is so much more than just a physical spa treatment. In all my decades in the beauty industry I've found no one like Jeannie and what Venustus offers . I feel like I'm cared for in a deeper more unique way that encapsulates the mind , body and soul . Jeannies intuition for what I need , the incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating treatments that are designed to nurture every aspect of the whole person and her divine kindness is something I truly cherish . It's my favourite place to reset and indulge.

  • Every time I come to an experience at Venestus with Jeannie and the team, I always leave feeling so calm, centred and in such a great place not only in my body, but spiritually and mentally as well. It gives me the time and space to refocus and relax because Jeannie has curated every treatment to be tailored for what YOU need and that is why she has one of the best locations, staff and selection of treatments in the world.

  • Venustus is more than a place I go too treat my skin. It’s a place where I go to connect my mind, body and spirit. Their treatments are some of the most unique and mind blowing experiences that I believe everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

  • Absolutely love Ventustus the amazing diverse treatments are always incredible.

    One of my favourites is the 6 hand massage- you feel relaxed on an elevated spiritual level- it almost indescribable how uplifting the treatment is.
    I love how I glow inside and out when I leave.

    The team are like family and I feel totally at ease in their wonderful hands.


  • I have known Jeannie for three decades. I adore how she makes everyone feel special, safe and nurtured

    Venustus smells like heaven.

    A Venustus massage will change you for the better. You body, your heart - you feel lighter

    I swear by the lymphatic drainage massage post a long flight. Instant de-puff!


  • 30 years of holding space for people like no one else, Jeannie has created a haven at Venustus that has never wavered in care and integrity. Constantly evolving, Jeannie and her team offer a completely holistic experience that resets the mind, body and spirit in the most loving of Ways

    Happy Birthday and thank you for starting Venustus so we could meet xxx

  • The happiest of birthdays to Jeannie and the world class team at Venustus.

    You were the catalyst for not only my healing journey, but alao how I show up in the world as a conscious leader and professional. I always tell people that what you give us is so much more

    It's emotional and it's spiritual

    You're truly one of a kind
    Thank you for taking care of so many of us for so long
    I love you xx

  • Happy Birthday Venustus!!

    As soon as I walk in your door

    I feel an enormous sense of calm & then my treatment transforms me - you give great glow inside & out xx

    Romy Frydman

  • Visiting Venustus and Jeannie is more than Magic, the ultimate in treatments
    it's a total experience on all levels, visiting Venustus is one of the best things I've done for myself

    Happy 3oth

    Jason Grant

  • What's so special about Jeannie and the team at Venustus is how intuitive they are - they show so much care towards every single person who walks through the doors.

    Of course, the treatments are also incredible. I leave feeling peaceful and renewed every single time

    There's really nothing in Australia that compares

    Emily Algar

  • The things I love about Venustus are Jeannie and her incredible crew who have you walking on air after every treatment.

    Happy Birthday beautiful ones

    Stephanie Darlong
    Sunday Life's
    Beauty Director
    Sydney Morning Herald

  • I have been visiting Jeannie and her dream team for almost 30 years. Venustus a trail blazer in holistic beauty incorporating Crystal work sound baths, even essential oils long before they hit main stream.

    I always seem to arrive for a treatment broken and leave energised, nurtured
    and floating on a cloud

    Happy Birthday Venustus

    Paula Tove
    The Jove

  • Happy Birthday my beloved Venustus

    You opened in Paddington 30 years ago.

    You brought lotions and potions and healing and energy and have left such a mark on Oxford street that it wouldn't feel like Paddington without you there.
    Your signature blue logo is like a calm sea in the hustle and bustle of the city scape. That is how you make us feel, walking through those white doors is like walking through a portal, into a serene healing space.

    Thank you Jeannie, Fleur and Haruko for always being a port in a storm.

    Happy birthday extraordinary Venustus. Here's to 30 more

    Lucie Ferguson

  • Happy 30th Birthday Venustus

    I can't believe you are 30 as I literally remember my first visit over 1o years ago.

    I came for an eyebrow wax with Fleur and received a complimentary hand massage. In that moment I knew I had found something so very special and unique.

    Over the years I have been lucky enough to experience so many different treatments at Venustus and each of them is the best I have ever had.

    I have travelled the world and nothing comes close to what they are Venustus is one of a kind and it is THE place to go.

    I love and adore each and everyone of you
    Elle x


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