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"Venustus has the most fabulous oils and sprays and I love them all. I also get lots of crystals from Jeannie (The Owner) too - She's incredible.” 

Jacqui Lewis, The Broad Place


"Incredible experience, another level of massage"

Amy Starr, Elle


"Still thinking about the incredible 6 hand massage. I feel like I'm still floating on clouds."

Jessica Stewart, Tribe - WEARETRIBE

About us

Nestled in the vibrant epicentre of Paddington's Oxford Street is a place of subtle alchemy that will immerse your senses in deep natural peace.

Venustus is a consciously nurtured space, balanced by the healing and compassionate properties of Rose and Clear Quartz Crystals and grounded with a purposeful daily intention to serve our beautiful clients at their highest and best levels and for the greatest good of all.

Each morning we clear and cleanse the energy with White Sage and then infuse the space with a unique daily blend of Atmospheric Room Mists to enhance and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. Here, you will experience physical and spiritual harmony.

You will feel embraced by the genuine joy and devotion of our team – Jeannie, Fleur, Haruko, Kayo, Athena and Sophie – who will honour you with great respect, attentive listening, deep presence and an astute intuitive understanding of what your body needs.

It is our dream to give our beautiful clients not only the highest level of spa experience but a sacred space where they feel completely embraced, nurtured, protected and guarded. It is in this space that the mind can surrender and allow the body and spirit to receive the gifts of healing, restoration, revitalization and clarity.

Treatments take inspiration from the elements and incorporate techniques from all over the world. Our Four Handed massage has set the standard for industry best practice. It is, however, our ability to tune into your specific energy on the day, listen between the spaces and draw upon many different modalities to offer you an intuitive treatment or package that uniquely defines the experience that is Venustus.

Whatever time you can share with us, we will take you on a loving journey that transcends the busy mind, transports you to a place where time and space dissolve into the infinite and delivers you feeling exceptionally well cared for, nourished and soothed.