Collection: crystals & smudging

Opening the VENUSTUS space..
Opening up your space...
"honouring the north, the south, the east, the west, above, below and centre. 
honouring the guardians, custodians of the land, the Gadigal people,
honouring mother earth, for all that she does,
honouring the elders of the past, the elders of the present,
the up and coming elders
we open up the space with love in our hearts,  
for the healings that take place today"
receiving a new crystal, a dedication is required
By holding the crystal, while consciously willing,
that the crystal be used only in love, light and for the good of all
Cleansing crystals 
*smudge your crystals with sage, palo santo, incense,
used for centuries by Native American and Native African tribal cultures
*place the crystals on a large crystal cluster
or on another mineral which is specific for energising.
*take your crystals to the sea, the ocean,
let the water wash over your crystals and
then let them energise in the sun
*cleanse your crystals in a flowing river, spring, lake,
then energise by the sun
*soak your crystals in flowers for a day, rose petals, jasmine petals,
will remove negative energy and cleanse your stones,
while the purity & energy of the flowers is transmitted to the crystals