Collection: Facial mists + sleep mists, living in Australia

facial mists (for the face) + sleep mists 

Using organic ingredients benefit at each and every level, helping the earth, the people working on the land, the animals and the insects.  

I have fond memories of one of the steps in a facial, during my Beauty Therapy training, forty years ago, when we used toners, using ingredients like witch hazel toners, smelt soothing, an ingredient from a plant.

directions, close your eyes, mist with a facial mist on a clean skin, alternative spray a cotton pad and wipe on your skin 

directions for sleep mists, mist the pillow, sheets & around you, do not ingest, keep away from flames, keep out of direct sunlight, keep stored in a cool dark cupboard, keep out of reach of children.

test patch each product on a small area of skin, one per day, prior to use, wait 24 hours to ensure this product is suitable for you,  discontinue use if irritation occurs.

do not ingest ingredients or products.  do not leave products in sun or humid areas  - keep in a cool dark place, keep out of reach of children.  keep away from flames or combustibles.