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smudging kit

smudging kit

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Sage smudging  is an ancient practice intended to clear and cleanse a person, place or object.  This kit contains an ethically sourced feather, a sage stick and sacred palo santo, packaged in a beautiful keepsake box.  For those on a spiritual journey, these items are useful for inviting in positive energy before setting intentions.

when smudging sage, set intentions, for clear and clean energy (be cautious with anything relating to fire, never leave anything burning, instead use and put out under running water, let dry out and use again & again)

Palo Santo -  a sacred energy for smudging, ideal before meditating, ceremony

ethically sourced feather black for wafting any smudging over your crown chakra 

safety information - directions (be aware of the area around you - anything flammable move, turn off fans & close windows & doors to minimise wind & draft.  Remember you are using fire, so use with respect & common sense - always safety 1st   Do not leave sage or palo santo unattended, ever, if you need to leave the room extinguish.

light your sage at the very tip of the leaves & once ignited, quickly & carefully, blow out the flames to allow the leaves to smoulder  *use smooth movements, when wafting the smoke around your home, body & objects  *once smouldering, rest on fire safe bowl so you don't drop ashes on yourself, or anything in your home.  

do not leave unattended ever (put under water to extinguish & let dry out before using again)

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