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Osaka To Sydney Package, 2hrs

Osaka To Sydney Package, 2hrs

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Weaving together a fusion of Japanese techniques, within both Facial & Massage

Paying homage to the origin, in honour of Haruko & her family, taking you to the place that only the Japanese can, a place of serene beauty & peace

Osaka to Sydney, using conscious Japanese techniques including Shiatsu Facial pressure points, Tanaka Facial massage technique, Reiki, Rocking & Lithos Hot Rock.   For the full Body, our iconic massage with muscle melting Lithos Hot rocks, Shiatsu Pressure points, Reiki healing, Rocking and cocooning the body

It's always great to try our newest offering, as you'll be experiencing the evolution of our skills and training.   


Weaving together a fusion of Japanese techniques, including Shiatsu Facial pressure points, Tanaka Facial techniques for lifting, Reiki healing, Hot Rock Lithos to release muscle tension around the jaw, neck & decolettage & Rocking for nurturing

Paying homage to the origin, in honour of Haruko & her family, taking you to the place that only the Japanese can, a place of serene beauty & peace

Shiatsu technique, massage with fingers, thumbs, plus stretching, this massage, brought to us in its modern form by Tokujiro Namikoshi.  Shiatsu can be firm, intense and releasing but that's part of how it works.  In 1957, the Japanese government officially recognised shiatsu as a form of therapy & healing. Contra-indications nerve damage, osteoporosis, skeletal issues, pregnancy, if you have high blood pressure, heart rhythm trouble or diabetes, and these are not controlled. Areas of your body with local open wounds, recent scars, inflammation, varicose veins etc. will be avoided during the treatment and are local contraindications.

Tanaka technique, Developed by Yukuko Tanaka, who recommends this in your thirties, describing it is a kind of magic.   The technique requires pressure on the facial muscles, known to reduce lines, prevent loss of elasticity, improve fluid around the eye area & improves circulation.  Tanaka massage techniques, release your facial muscles, when you are feeling overwhelmed and/or stressed, your muscles contract in ways that can make you look tired.  When the muscles are working easily, they look so perfect. Tanaka is an effective beauty procedure that soften early signs of ageing.  With better blood circulation + stimulation of the lymphatic system, you can get an overall lift to the facial area.  Contra indications a wait of 1 week for botox &  and a wait of 6 weeks fillers.

Reiki healing, is a form of Japanese Healing and has a spirituality to it.  Reiki is trained to heal both physical and emotional blocks and/or traumas, with the intention of clearing out and calming + stilling the mind, body and emotions.  This is done through a laying-on of the hands and a movement of energy (chi).  Chi is the flow of energy, very important in healing.  In fact, the Japanese version of the word chi ("ki) is part of the word Reiki.  We have found a way to integrate Reiki while massaging you.

Rocking technique, a gentle rocking movement, helping to relax the muscles, calming the nervous system, open up the joints and help the body move into balance. A slowing relaxing technique soothing stiff muscles.  A memory of being rocked, rocking our babies, our children, feeling safe and nurtured, loved.  Rocking in a rocking chair or a hammock can have this same feeling.

Lithos Therapy, hot rock massage, utilises the therapeutic benefits of heated and chilled rock instruments to help relieve muscle stress, fatigue, whilst connecting, grounding and balancing on a metaphysical level.   Lithos marble rocks are heated in warm/hot water & others are kept in the fridge/freezer, only used when cold are required, that is for lymphatic, facial fluid retention.  Lithos hot rock massage may be beneficial promoting muscle relaxing & release, warming whilst stimulating circulation.  Contra-indications, you can not have this type of massage if pregnant, sensitivity to heat/cold, not for children, not for diabetic, not for epilepsy, not for high blood pressure, not for migraines, not recommended for heart disease/heart conditions,  not recommended if you can not feel temperatures, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, auto-immune disorders or any condition that produces symptoms of redness, heat and swelling.  Not for multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, or any skin irritation. Not recommended for elderly 

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