personalised six hand massage

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60 minutes

"Six hands, three hearts.  One powerful healer and one soul grateful for the experience"  Lucie Ferguson, Founder,  BABYANYTHING.

the treatment begins with energy work & strategically placed heat packs.
energy work includes clearing & cleansing with sage smudging, sound bowl & singing bowl, smudging with palo santo & tibetan cymbals.  The massage begins in the prone position (face-down) with the three senior staff at the feet & leg area in synchronised movements, working on the feet, calves & upper legs, releasing tension with movements, which are firm enough for relief.  The back area begins with the three therapists & their layered hands working together down the back area, this area is always very firm & energetically connected, one therapist remains on the back area, while the two therapists move to the lower back & gluteus area, all three are still working in a completely flowing ritual