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S.L.O.W. Massage Treatment Package 4 hours

S.L.O.W. Massage Treatment Package 4 hours

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This carefully curated facial treatment brings together efficacious, organic skincare and muscle-releasing massage to relieve tension, lift and define. With an in-depth focus on facial massage (this element comprises 60 of the total 120 minutes), our highly trained therapists fuse various techniques, including lymphatic drainage and Japanese Tanaka face massage, to soothe and sculpt your features. Our exclusive skincare complements every movement.


More than a treatment package, this treatment is designed to slow your internal rhythm, allowing you to experience slow, intentional tension release as you lay on the bed. Wrapped in our super-safe pods, you’re invited to wholly lean into a rediscovery of self. Our decades of wisdom and expertise allow us to remind you of your inherent and immense worth.


The facial treatment begins with a nourishing oil cleanse to dissolve makeup and grime. Next, you’ll experience a thorough but gentle exfoliation using one of our four exfoliants, applied with a facial brush that swirls over the skin thousands of times per minute. We also use a vapour steamer for maximum results. A peel is applied, then removed with hot towels, before our organic facial serums are smoothed over the eyes, face, neck and decollete. You’ll enjoy tension-relieving massage moves, each chosen to assist with muscle release, lymphatic drainage, sculpting, lifting and defining. To finish, we’ll paint on a warming, soothing modelling mask, followed by gua sha and cupping using professional tools, including chilled ice globes.


Inspired by a desire to offer a new level of full-body relief, this treatment evolved as a unique solution to attending to every muscle. With a high value on precision, depth and thoroughness, our skilled therapists address tight muscles from every angle, using rigorous techniques to diligently release strain on a deeper level, leaving no sore spot untouched. Creating incredible muscle release whilst recalibrating your body and mind, it is informed by age-old wisdom and modern healing techniques, combined to create a brand new narrative. 

This intensely restorative body massage is performed in various positions, including side-lying, using a full-body pillow to enable deep muscle release. Stretching out the body allows our therapists to open up areas like the neck, traps, IT band and glutes. We can isolate and target each muscle by treating the body in every position. No muscle goes untreated – this is smart, comprehensive massage with supreme attention to detail. Each intentionally choreographed posture contributes to a softening of tension for all-over, transformative relaxation. The diligent utilisation of fascia massage tools further facilitates physical relief, while a serene scalp massage allows the mind to rest and expand.

 The body treatment begins with a scalp massage, inviting you to slow your internal rhythm for what’s to come. We move through four positions: lying on one side, hugging a body pillow, face down, onto your other side, and face up. This considered process slows down time during the massage, allowing us to attend to each muscle from the prime position.

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