High Definition Bodywork (Lymphatic) 75mins

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High Definition Bodywork is where we are contouring and defining your body.  High Definition is grounded in Lymphatic massage techniques.  Designed for immediate results, yet long term benefits.  

The immediate visual results come from activating the Lymphatic System. By stimulating the lymph nodes you begin moving the tissue, the excessive amount of water & toxins get into the vessels, ultimately becoming lymph and eliminated.  Also the vigorous massage (Contouring) increases blood circulation & assists with fat metabolism.

Long term benefits include activating and stimulating the lymphatic system.  Facilitating water and toxins, to eliminate.  Reducing Inflammation & cellulite.  Increasing the metabolism in the area being massaged.  Increasing blood circulation 

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Activating an already existing system, overlooked and undervalued, when you clear this system, everything feels lighter.  Using dry brushes, our 30 years of experience, hundreds of training hours & incredible models create great work.  Add in the extra tools and some Venustus magic and you have all your Lymphatic System needs.