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Muscle Warming Massage, Body & Face Treatment

Muscle Warming Massage, Body & Face Treatment

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Muscle Warming Massage:
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Inspired by a new level of muscle releasing, this treatment was designed as a unique experience to shift, warm, relieve and melt muscle tension.  A smart comprehensive massage with supreme attention to detail, inviting you to slow your internal rhythm.  Using apple air pods max within our treatment pods, which can assist the mind to quieten  Each intentionally choreographed movement, contributes to the muscle release and transformative experience.

Venustus techniques    The treatment begins with your back area, often the most contracted, then moves through the body including the face, neck & scalp.  Muscle Warm Massage begins with dry brushing the back, applying stretching movement with hot compression mitts,  Venustus extreme sports muscle spray is applied and our selection of body serums personalised for you.   The therapeutic benefits of Hot Rock Massage (lithos rocks)  help to relieve muscle stress, fatigue and pain.  Our Venustus designed Muscle Warming Massage, with our expert therapists are able to drop deep within the muscle, using slow rhymical movements to give targeted relief .  Completing the body work we move to Neck stretches, Scalp Massage, Facial and decolletage  Massage movements.


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