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Analytical. Practical. Competent. Tidy. Sensible. Precise. Modest. Proud. Hard Working. Adaptable. Logical. Cautious. Insightful. Skeptical. Devoted. Realistic. Intellectual. Type-A. Humble. Perfectionists.
As diligent list-makers, Virgo’s are orderly, helpful and focused. 
With a high moral code, they’re extremely conscious of standards and strive for perfection. 
Often critical of themselves, Virgo’s need to be reminded that it’s ok to make mistakes as much can be learned from them.
Being spontaneous doesn’t come naturally but when a Virgo takes the pressure off, relaxes and has fun, they find the magic in life and create great stories.
As pure, compassionate and intellectual friends, Virgo’s never fail to make things better.  Their strong work ethic and attention to detail will get any job done to precision.

Virgo Horoscope Perfume is a grounding, organic essential oil blend that encapsulates the many wonderful traits of a Virgo