sacred geometry organic facial serum

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+45 skin dry, dehydrated, dull looking skin living in Australia, (with extra beauty benefits for battling fluid retention and irritation to boot)

properties the ability to penetrate the epidermis without leaving the skin greasy.  Interesting restructuring properties on the skin,

all organic ingredients of hazelnut, myrrh, cinnamon leaf, frankincense, cedarwood, Bulgarian rose and lavender, it nourishes

it’s intended for use morning and night after misting (wait 10-15mins for absorption) then you can apply Sacred Geometry Facal Moisturiser

energetically a longing to be part of something more, connecting to spiritual energy, to source, god, goddess universal energy. skin concerns +35, fluid retention, dehydration, dry, irritated skin  feel a connection to ancient ways - spirituality.  Feel providence energy - a symbol of the ultimate protection & intervention