authentic organic body serum (High Definition Bodywork)

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When launching High Definition Bodyworks 2019, we needed an elevated product to use in this treatment & to use at home, authentic organic body serum, a lymphatic stimulant, this way your keep stimulating your lymphatic system between treatments, designed to use at home every day as your moisturiser, with the bonus being, serums penetrate deeper than moisturisers & therefore more active

the lymphatic system is unable to flow well on its own -  relies on you to move, because lack of movement (planes/drives/hospital stays), other things that slow down your lymphatic system are - low water intake + stress, ageing, pollution, can each block lymphatic flow.  blockages over time encourage accumulation of extra fat cells.   this prevents nutrients & blood from rejuvenating cells = cellulite, sagging skin, swelling & deposits, which can     resistant to diet & exercise   *check out our High Definition Bodywork   If you have attention to all that is helpful for a highly functioning lymphatic system then this product can be one of those.


begin each morning and evening with dry brushing, then into the shower, while your skin is wet, this is the best time to apply your serums.  *apply in the direction towards the lymph nodes, * from tips of fingers to the underarms, *from the tips of your toes to your bikini line *stomach to underarms - pat dry 

benefits of a highly functioning lymphatic system

the lymphatic system function is to carry, distribute & store fat soluble vitamins & minerals to cells, tissues in the body, creates a highly functioning immune system, stress reduction, detoxifying any threats to the system, reduces the volume of fluid circulation in the body, preventing puffiness (fluid retention), absorbs fluid so tissue does not swell


also check out the rose quartz roller in the crystal section as when used straight from the fridge over a facial serum can reduce puffiness when used in lymphatic direction (check out highlights on Instagram) and help infuse products