east coast massage + energy healing 90mins

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for those seeking inner peace with your return of inner equilibrium, we Open up the space, with words of gratitude, honouring all that there is.  While at the same time smudging sage for clearing & cleansing, them palo santo for sacred energy

Using Venustus private label of body serums, creams and balms which are soured for their organic ingredients .  We start east coast with massaging the scalp, neck, traps, scm & decolletage, (front of the body) followed with neck towel stretches, where your awareness can turn inwardsWe softly wrap your eyes & scalp, so you can drift away, during our healing work. 

a Pendulum is scanned over your entire body from the base chakra, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye & crown chakra and then a crystal grid is placed on areas of concern for healing. 

Our sound & singing bowls - 'tune in' to your energy, this therapy is believed to transmit energy to your aura and directly affect your brain wave activity, supporting an improved state of consciousness.  

For those seeking lightness and breathing space, to hold the spiritual energy of stillness, encourages reconnection with the self.   For those working holistically to nurture and enhance your overall wellbeing & then Hawaiian flowing massage is performed on the front of the body, followed by hot towels.  Key ingredients are used in Venustus organic private skincare label, which  draws on knowledge and wisdom of ancient wellness.  

The long deep massage on the back of the body, will release any tension held and with Tibetan symbols we will close the space and this incredible energy for you to take with you

energy work can significantly reduce stress & anxiety, stimulates the immune system, lowering anger, deep relaxation and pain relief.  Increases mental and emotional clarity