east coast massage + energy healing 90mins

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East Coast Massage & Energy Healing

Need more than a massage? This holistic body and energy-balancing treatment has been designed to restore your inner peace by returning both body and mind to a state of equilibrium.  During the treatment, we softly wrap your eyes and scalp, encouraging you to turn inwards, so that you’re able to drift away. As always, our massage techniques are crafted over decades, exceptional.

The experience starts with words of gratitude to open the space. We smudge sage and light Palo Santo to clear energy and evoke a sense of sacredness. What follows is a restorative and healing massage that starts at the scalp, working down the neck and SCM (or sternocleidomastoid muscle) and trapezius muscles and over the decolletage. Next, we stretch the neck using a towel for a deep release. A flowing Hawaiian massage is performed on the front of the body and is used in conjunction with comforting hot towels. To finish, you’ll enjoy a long, deep massage over the back of the body to release long-held tension.

Throughout, we use numerous techniques to ‘read’ your body. A crystal pendulum is used to scan chakras, and sound and singing bowls ‘tune into’ your energy. Energy work can reduce stress, anxiety and anger, stimulate the immune system, and generate deep relaxation and even pain relief. These modalities are believed to support a heightened state of consciousness inspired by an increase in emotional clarity.