What do I need help with?

Gift Vouchers

  • Can you email a voucher for me?
    • We currently do not have e-vouchers, coming soon….. but have vouchers in a beautiful box with crystal and ribbon. You can either have the vouchers posted out to you, posted directly to your friend, or left in store
  • I want to make an appointment and have a voucher?
    • Perfect, the most important information you need is Please arrive 10mins early for a client consult & you need to actually bring the voucher card you received if you wish to use this (look further down if you have lost your voucher)
  • My voucher has expired can I still use this?
    • Yes, call and speak to us letting us know your voucher has expired and we will give you appointment times
  • I have lost my voucher, can I still come in?
    • We will need 2-4 days to find the information about this voucher, no records kept in store, just call us prior to booking and we can find this for you. The more information you have the easier/faster it is to find.