The Healing kit by Jeannie

The Healing kit by Jeannie

Inspired by my collection, Jeannie here..

Peace Offering Facial Serum, frankincense (ideal for meditation) - ingredients below, Lemurian quartz (promotes oneness and healing), a rose quartz pendulum (the stone of universal love), selenite pencil (good for cleansing), a smokey quartz generator (brings stability and protection), a shungite pyramid (for purification), three apophyllite pyramid points (the stone of truth), amazonite (soothes aggravation), African citrine (promotes positivity), Moroccan geode (to connect to a higher level), sage smudging stick, abalone shell, palo santo, incense bundle and an ethically sourced feather.

"The healing kit, is something I have been working on for a while now.  Many clients wanted to know exactly what I used at work and home and what I found really worked.  This is just my version, I am not saying I know everything, these just really resonate and work for me, some are new & some I have been using for decades" jeannie

containing:- Venustus peace offering facial serum, frankincense ideal for meditation  Lemurian Quartz (my new favourite, the colour is clear tapers, with lines across it) Rose Quartz Pendulum (pink on chain), Selenite pencil shape (white/clear pencil), Smokey Quartz Generator (stands up,  point, brown colour) , Shungite (black pyramid), Apophyllite pyramid points x 3, Amazonite (blue rough), African Citrine (small orange/yellow), Moroccan Geode (rock split open with band), Sage smudging & abalone shell, Palo Santo, incense bundle from incausa, and one ethically sourced feather  *crystals may vary is size & colour, incense may vary due to availability


Venustus peace offering organic facial serum when you want the Venustus glow containing organic frankincense, suspended in organic jojoba oil

Lemurian Quartz Crystal was given to me by one of my healers, Anandi, who told me all about this crystal, metaphysical legend that there was an ancient civilisation called Lemuria, similar to Atlantis, but more spiritually developed, as their time was coming to an end the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their message of oneness & healing, messages that would be revealed when the energy on earth was ready to receive. The Lemurians planted/ seeded the crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom.  I hold mine everyday and I can feel this energy.  

Rose Quartz Pendulum  I was taught to program my own pendulum, just for me,  you hold the end of the silver chain, with the rose quarz crystal hanging down, where I can ask questions.   Asking a question that is definitely a yes answer first is the key, like "my name is jeannie bourke" then it will swing one way, ask another questions that will have a no answer, then another for, you are not ready to hear this information 

Selenite pencil - I use this for sliding from third eye, over crown and all the way down to my base chakra, for the end of day, with the mindset of cutting off any energetic ties

Smokey Quartz Generator - the stone of cooperation, for stability and protection.  Can improve my intuition in responsibility.  Can gently dissolve negative energy, I hold on to this, when its all too much with the mindset of releasing the negative energy

Shungate pyramid- I place this on my phone/ipad/laptop whenever I am not using it - known as the go to stone for electromagnetic field (EMF) protection, purification and detoxification, every night.

Apophyllite pyramid points x 3 - whenever I have a lay down, which I recommend once a day at least, I place one on my third eye and the other two on my eyelids, when I want to recognise, act on the truth in all situations enhancing my mindset.  I also use these when I am designing product/treatment, to look into my future and enhance my creativity

Amazonite rough crystal I am looking for this  at the end of a rough day, focus on self awareness  and self-love.  Soothes emotions and worries, helping me to retain the pure energy

African Citrine - the merchant stone, to take with you in your pocket/bra for the money/opportunity day.  Assists emotional balance and elevated energy, great right!  Reminds me to look toward the sunrise, that there is a new beginning. Money is just an exchange of energy, the more you have the more you can give away.

Moroccan Geode - I am reminded of peripheral, although my Shaman taught me this, to recognise and analyse the total picture before making a decision  Reminds me of my connection to a higher level.

shapes and colours in crystals may vary as these are found in the earth, not made by man

Sage smudging & Abalone shell - clearing and cleansing a person, place or thing & abalone shell for its home (sourced by my nephews) when smudging sage, set intentions, for clear and clean energy (be cautious with anything relating to fire, never leave anything burning, instead use and put out under running water, let dry out and use again & again)

Palo Santo -  a sacred energy for smudging, ideal before meditating, ceremony

Incausa Incense bundle to use one and waft the smoke up over my crown chakra in a ceremony when I want to reset myself

ethically sourced feather black for wafting any smuding over your crown chakra 

safety information - directions (be aware of the area around you - anything flammable move, turn off fans & close windows & doors to minimise wind & draft.  Remember you are using fire, so use with respect & common sense - always safety 1st   Do not leave sage or palo santo unattended, ever, if you need to leave the room extinguish.

light your sage at the very tip of the leaves & once ignited, quickly & carefully, blow out the flames to allow the leaves to smoulder  *use smooth movements, when wafting the smoke around your home, body & objects  *once smouldering, rest on fire safe bowl so you don't drop ashes on yourself, or anything in your home.  

do not leave unattended ever (put under water to extinguish & let dry out before using again)

The healing kit by Jeannie



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