peace offering facial serum

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spiritual skincare, treating skin deeply, whilst at the same time preventing & clearing breakouts for +25 skin.  Giving your skin the best possible care, with what's happening now...  In 2020, how we feel energetically, emotionally & spiritually has to be considered, as it is impacting us visually  Chosen minimal ingredients to regenerate, prevent and treat breakouts, plus assist, to soften slight scar tissue *ingredients organic jojoba, organic frankincense.   if you are younger than 25 years, go to products, then acne & breakout area, Straight-edge & Tea tree products


*ingredients organic jojoba oil, organic frankincense  *use the antidote facial moisturiser over this 

 "Facial serums are a skincare investment, because they can penetrate deeper, because of this, you would find more serums in our cupboards than moisturisers. With specific organic ingredients, serums work best, when used both morning & night over an organic mist + a wait time of 15-20 mins to penetrate to the deepest layer.  (You have to wait the time, there is no way around this)  You can then apply moisturisers/balms on top to hydrate your epidermal (top) layer."Jeannie