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The ultimate personalised treatment, three therapists massage you at the same time.  Yes three therapists massage you in perfect sync, choreographed by jeannie.   There is nothing like this in the country/world.


Ensure you contact Jeannie, Founder, 0400825237

when booking this, rules around when this can be booked

"Six hands, three hearts. One powerful healer and one soul so grateful for the experience" said Lucie Ferguson, founder of Babyanything. Today I was treated to the heavenly experience that is the six handed massage at Venustus Australia. If you have ever been to Venustus then you know the feeling of bliss you get from any treatment on the menu, even when you get an eyebrow wax, someone is giving you reflexology on your feet because they just tap into your energy and know you need it. I have come to realise we are quick to book in for aesthetic grooming treatments, hair cuts, nails painted etc. but what about what's underneath? What about when your heart needs some TLC? What about when you work 80 hours a week and you are burning the candle at every end and you can't even remember what day it is?

This massage starts with Jeannie asking you personal questions about whats happening with you, with work, with life, with your spirit and then she just takes care of you. you select crystals then succumb to an hour of heaven on earth. The team are masters of their craft and they weave their magical healing hands over you for an hour. Time stops, thoughts cease and you just feel very protected, nurtured and utterly relaxed. I hope you all get to experience this treatment at least once. I do not take it for granted.

When I was lying there I was thinking about all the people I would to give it to as a present, as a celebration for great news in someones life, as a life raft someone experiencing loss or a break up, as a gift for the person who needs nothing, as a nourishing experience for someone experiencing any kind of illness. The list went on and on in my head. Isn't it lovely when you are having a wonderful experience, and you just can't wait to give it to someone else.

"Six hands, three hearts.  One powerful healer and one soul grateful for the experience"  Lucie Ferguson, Founder,  BABYANYTHING.