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Time, 4 hours with Venustus

Time, 4 hours with Venustus

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A knowing that there will be times in your life that you and/or your loved ones,
will need to spend more time with us. 

Venustus are an elite group of artisans who have been crafting their skills here for decades, the time treatments are highly personalised, customised to your physical & energetic needs.

Our remedy to some of the most challenging difficulties, well suited for those experiencing emotional and/or physical pain

A new mindset is emerging, shifting priorities, can energetically shift perspective. Conscious deceleration, to listen and be more attuned to your body, mind & spirit.  We open & close the space energetically, but most important
we hold the space for you

 The best way to use this time is for massage and facial.  Alternatively this may include eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting, facial threading/waxing and we invite you to experience all our favourite techniques for a total time of 2 hours

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