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777 Venustus Treatment Package 2hrs

777 Venustus Treatment Package 2hrs

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777, including slow Venustus Body Massage, Venustus Facial + Scalp Massage (with our without aromatherapy oils) + adding Crown Chakra Connection, Crystal Rose quartz pendulum healing, Anointing symbols & Angel energy

sacred enlightenment, allows you to be a guiding light to others, to help them find their way, because you have already walked the path ahead.

This symbolises that you are aligned with your divine purpose and in tune with the universe and your surroundings.

The universe is putting into place circumstances, people and places for you to manifest what you design.  Your hard work and progress will be noticed by divine powers 


I trust the universe to support, protect & provide for me, 

I honour the light in myself and the light in others, I am an infinite being with infinite potential .

I am divinely guided, I receive guidance from my higher self


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