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35+ Australian skin, considering the visual skin to prevent ageing, soothing & calming the skin & considering prevent breakouts Chosen organic ingredients of jojoba, frankincense, geranium & myrrh, the jojoba base can help to prevent the skin from breaking out *with active ingredients of organic frankincense, organic myrrh, organic geranium, organic lavender  these are ideal to help with breakouts, when they are caused by stress, anxiety & feeling overwhelmed 

 +30 skin, dehydration, stress, preventing breakouts & youthing

*balancing sebum production to prevent breakouts

*healing for any sensitive areas 

actives are organic 

Organic Jojoba oil is ideal in skincare because of its molecular stability and its natural moisturising and healing properties, Native Americans have used this as a healing agents for many years.   Jojoba, a wild evergreen shrub originating from California & Mexico, now grown in many arid areas around the world. . 

Organic Frankincense, A well known ingredient in skincare, skin cell regeneration, encourages growth of skin cells, recommended for dry and mature skin, wrinkles and can help assist in healing scar tissue.  The name frankincense is derived from the old French word franc, meaning free, pure or abundant and Latin incensum, meaning to smoke, collected by making incisions into the bark of the tree. 

Organic Geranium main property is to balance the oil flow (sebum production) helpful anti-inflammatory & breakouts.  Energetically geranium has mothering qualities, creating a sense of security and stability

Organic Lavender is beneficial for inflammation, acne, dermatitis, eczmea and psoriasis.  Soothing and calming to the skin.  Energetically it can assist with calming and relaxing, reaching deeper states of meditation   

Organic Myrrh can assist with very dry skin, chapped and slow to heal.  Energetically it is one of stillness and peace.  Myrrh is known to unite spiritual with the physical