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Venustus therapists are renowned not only for their highly practised technique but also for their intense capacity to hold the spiritual energy of love. With a reputation for providing comfort, this considered body treatment specially designed for expectant mothers is much-beloved. A nurturing full-body experience, performed while you rest comfortably on your side, ensuring safety and relaxation throughout, this unique treatment offers a gentle touch to support and honour your incredible transition to motherhood. Finessed over years, you won’t find anything like it elsewhere.


Curated for expectant mothers who are post-first trimester (after 12 weeks) and are not experiencing contractions, this soothing all-over experience promotes relaxation, alleviates the discomforts associated with pregnancy, and invites you to be still and reconnect with yourself.


Performed with our organic Blessed Pre-Natal Body Serum, it provides a supportive embrace, nurturing and comforting the body and mind during a time of significant change. It allows for a moment of stillness and offers an opportunity to reconnect with the self, restoring overall well-being and making more space for the maternal connection.

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